Band of Brigands

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September 2008



The dramatic story of the men who fought a new and terrifying kind of war amidst the carnage of the trenches in World War I: the British pioneer volunteers who were the first tank-men into battle.


Christy Campbell is a writer, journalist and former defence correspondent and feature writer for the Sunday Telegraph, which he joined on the eve of the Gulf War. He is the author of The Maharajah's Box, Fenian Fire and Phylloxera.


'A fascinating story...told by Christy Campbell with verve and an eye for the telling detail.' Sunday Telegraph 'Continuously interesting, so much so that one has to remember that for almost all the 1914-1918 war, tanks were a sideshow.This is the story of vision, false starts, blunders, obstinancy, obstructionism, determination, perseverance, quarrels and courage.' Daily Telegraph 'A military historian of the first rank ... a completely satisfying investigation that is both chilling and startling' Len Deighton 'A fascinating book' Daily Mail 'Wonderfully entertaining.' BBC History Magazine 'Campbell is to be applauded for producing a book that portrays life in the tank corps so vividly while guiding the reader painlessly through a morass of technical information.' THE Book Magazine
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