Corporate Sustainability as a Challenge for Comprehensive Management

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Mai 2008



Sustainability has become a topic of global relevance: Corporations and other economically acting organizations increasingly need to realize economic, environmental and social objectives in order to survive. Supplementary to "classical" environmental management, realizing corporate sustainability requires comprehensive approaches which allow the integration of social and economic aspects. Such concepts can be found e.g. in international excellence models mainly based on a TQM thinking but also in the field of human factors in organizational design and management. Understood as systems approaches, they include the interests of all relevant stakeholders with a mid- or long-term time perspective and are thus highly linked with the principles of sustainable development. In this book internationally leading scientists discuss the issue of sustainability from their perspective, resulting in an innovative view on different management approaches under the umbrella of corporate sustainability.


Corporate Sustainability as a Challenge for Comprehensive Management.- Human Factors, Business Excellence and Corporate Sustainability: Differing Perspectives, Joint Objectives.- Comprehensive Management Concepts and Sustainable Excellence.- Performance Excellence: Path to Integrated Management and Sustainable Success.- Developing Sustainable Competitive Advantage through Operational Excellence and Adaptation Excellence with Value-Innovations.- Sustainable Improvement: Six Sigma - Lessons Learned after Five Years of Training and Consulting.- A Strategy for Building Sustainable Innovation Excellence - A Danish Study.- The Impact of Cultural Issues and Interpersonal Behavior on Sustainable Excellence and Competitiveness: An Analysis of the Italian Context.- Human Factors in Organizational Design and Management - Creating Sustainability.- Building Sustainable Human-Centered Systems: A Grand Challenge for the Human Factors and Ergonomics Discipline in the Conceptual Age.- Achieving Sustainability through Macroergonomic Change Management and Participation.- Continuous Technology Implementation and Sustainability of Sociotechnical Change: A Case Study of Advanced Intravenous Infusion Pump Technology Implementation in a Hospital.- The Influence of Project Duration and Focus on Involvement in Participatory Processes.- The Role of Ergonomics in Securing Sustainability in Developing Countries.- Participation as Precondition for Sustainable Success: Effective Workplace Improvement Procedures in Small-scale Sectors in Developing Countries.- The Future of Work in a Sustainable Society.- Sustainability as Challenge for Human Factors and Integrated Management Systems.- Social Responsibility, Strategic Management and Comprehensive Corporate Development: Old Roots, New Issues?.- Human Factors and Comprehensive Management Concepts: A Need for Integration Based on Corporate Sustainability.
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