Applied Demography in the 21st Century

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April 2008



Applied Demography is clearly evolving as its practitioners become involved in the emerging trends of the Twenty-First Century. Data bases, substantive issues and methodological approaches seldom considered just a few years ago have become mainstream concerns in the area of applied demography. This book derived from the 1st post-2000 national conference on Applied Demography, to be held in San Antonio, Texas January 7-9, 2007 under the sponsorship of the Institute for Demographic and Socioeconomic Research at The University of Texas at San Antonio, provides a unique opportunity to obtain an overview of the current state of applied demography. The work will provide a cross-sectional view of Applied Demography and an evaluation of its likely future.


Chapter 1:Applied Demography at the Beginning of the 21st Century: Steve H. Murdock and David A. Swanson,- Section I: Data use and Measurement Issues: Chapter 2:Measuring Population Change Using the American Community Survey: Howard Hogan,- Chapter 3:Using the 2005 American Community Survey: Patricia C. Becker,- Chapter 4:Address Coverage Improvement and Evaluation Program-2005 National Estimate of Coverage of the Master Address File: Susan Perrone,- Section II: Population Estimates and Projections: Chapter 5: Using Assessor Parcel Data to Maintain Housing Unit Counts for Small Area Population Estimates: Beth Jarosz,- Chapter 6:Aging and Elder Abuse: Projections for Michigan, Lori Post et al ,- Chapter 7:Methods for Measuring the Population After a Disaster: Household Population Surveys in Post-Katrina New Orleans, October 2005-October 2006: Gregory Stone,- Chapter 8: An Evaluation of Population Estimates for Counties and Places in Texas for 2000: Nazrul Hoque,- Chapter 9: Using Demographic Estimates and Projections to Improve Statistical Forecasting: Don R. Warren,- Chapter 10: Measuring Uncertainty in Population Data Generated by the Cohort-Component Method: A Report on Research in Progress, David A. Swanson,- Section III: Applied Demography and Health: Chapter 11:Tuberculosis and Perception of Risk: A Comparison of Native Born and Foreign Born Persons in the United States: Mary Bollinger,- Chapter 12: Causes of Fire Deaths and Injuries in Anchorage, Alaska: Policy Implications, Donna Shai,- Chapter 13: Dispersion of Registered Death Causes as a Function of Age in the 1999 U.S. Population, Bo G. Eriksson,- Section IV: The Breadth of Applied Demography: Chapter 14:A Comparison of Potential Demographic Influences on Church Membership of Two United Methodist Congregations in San Antonio, Texas: Michael E. Cline,- Chapter 15:Linking Tax-Lot and Student Record Data: Applications in School Planning: D. Richard Lycan,- Chapter 16:Demography and Turnover, Giuseppe De Bartolo and Manuela Stranges,- Chapter 17: Household Consumption in China: An Examination of the Utility of Urban-Rural Segmentation, Farhat Yusuf et al ,- Chapter 18: How Chinese Children Spend Their Time, Hongwei Xu and Elisabeta Minca,- Section V: Educating the Applied Demographer,- Chapter 19: Introducing Survey Methods to Professional Students in Applied Demography, David W. Smith and Stephanie L. McFall,- Chapter 20: The Academic Training of Applied Demographers: History, Evolution, and a Description of the First Ph.D. Program in Applied Demography, Steve H. Murdock and Mary Zey,- ConclusionS: Chapter 21: Applied Demography in the 21st Century: Steve H. Murdock and David A. Swanson
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