Modelling and Monitoring of Coastal Marine Processes

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September 2008



Although numerous books have been written on both monitoring and modelling of coastal oceans, there is a practical need for an introductory multi-disciplinary volume to non-specialists in this field. The articles commisioned for this book, organized into four major themes, are written by experts in their disciplines while the text is intended for scientists who do not have extensive training in marine sciences and coastal zone management. As such, the articles in this monograph can be a valuable reference for practicing professionals. The first section introduces the complex physical processes with main emphasis on waste disposal in the coastal ocean. Following this, examples of instrumentation techniques that are commonly used for measuring different properties of oceans are discribed. Coastal and estuarine transport and dispersion modelling is introduced in the next section with examples from different parts of the world. The last section provides an overview of coastal disasters such as tropical cyclones, storm surges and oil spills.


Y.R. Rao, C.R. Murthy and P.C. Sinha 2. Introduction to transport phenomena
G. Jayaraman 3. Coastal marine diffusion processes
C.R. Murthy and Y.R. Rao 4. Measurements of currents in the coastal ocean
J. Bull and Y.R. Rao 5. Remote sensing applications to coastal oceanography
P.C. Pandey, Raj Kumar, A.K.Verma, A.K. Mathur and N. Chaturvedi COASTAL MARINE POLLUTION 6. Costal transport and dispersion modelling
Y.R. Rao and C.R. Murthy 7. Modelling of circulation and salinity in estuaries
P.C .Sinha, Y.R. Rao ,A.D. Rao and S.K. Dube 8. Modelling and measuring sediment transport in lakes
T. Huttula COASTAL MARINE HAZARDS 9. A real time storm surge prediction system for the east coast of India
S.K. Dube, A.D. Rao, P.C. Sinha and P. Chittibabu 10. Prediction of tropical cyclone tracks in the North Indian Ocean
U.C. Mohanty and A.K. Gupta 11. Risk analysis for oil spillage in marine environment
M. Mohan COASTAL MARINE POLICY/MANAGEMENT 12. National legislation and international conventions relating to marine pollution
B.R. Subramanian 13. Central considerations in initiating and operating programs in integrated coastal management
Biliana Cicin Sain and R.W. Knecht 14. Geographical information systems for integrated coastal resource management
Md. Rais 15. Integrated coastal area management - the case of India
G. N. Swamy
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