Mini-Micro Fuel Cells

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April 2008



This volume contains an archival record of the NATO Advanced Institute on Mini - Micro Fuel Cells - Fundamental and Applications held in Çesme - Izmir, Turkey, July 22-August 3, 2007. The ASIs are intended to be a high-level teaching activity in scientific and technical areas of current concern. In this volume, the reader may find interesting chapters on Mini- Micro Fuel Cells with fundamentals and applications. In recent years, fu- cell development, modeling and performance analysis has received much attention due to their potential for distributed power which is a critical issue for energy security and the environmental protection. Small fuel cells for portable applications are important for the security. The portable devices (many electronic and wireless) operated by fuel cells for providing all-day power, are very valuable for the security, for defense and in the war against terrorism. Many companies in NATO and non-NATO countries have concentrated to promote the fuel cell industry. Many universities with industrial partners committed to the idea of working together to develop fuel cells. As tech- logy advanced in the 1980s and beyond, many government organizations joined in spending money on fuel-cell research. In recent years, interest in using fuel cells to power portable electronic devices and other small equipment (cell phones, mobile phones, lab-tops, they are used as micro power source in biological applications) has increased partly due to the promise of fuel cells having higher energy density.


Preface.- Some Introductory Technical Remarks the NATO School on Micro-Fuel Cells; S. Gottesfeld.- Fuel Cell Basic Chemistry, Electrochemistry and Thermodynamics; F. Barbir.- Fuel Cell Stack and System Design Principles with Some Design Concepts of Micro-Mini Fuel Cells; F. Barbir.- Performance Analysis of Micro-Structured Fuel Cells for Portable Applications; S. Litster, N. Djilali.- Engineering Durability of Micro-Miniature Fuel Cells; K. Reifsnider, X. Huang.- Portable Fuel Cells - Fundamentals, Technologies and Applications; C.O. Colpan et al.-Autonomous Test Units for Mini Membrane Electrode Assemblies; E. Budevski et al.- Heat Pipes in Fuel Cell Technology; L. Vasiliev, L. Vasiliev Jr..- Heat Transfer Enhancement in Confined Spaces of Mini-Micro Fuel Cells; L. Vasiliev, L. Vasiliev Jr..- Performance Characteristics and Membrane Electrode Assemblies Using the EasyTest Cell; E. Budevski et al.- Water Transport Dynamics in Fuel Cell Micro-channels; G. Minor et al.- Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Systems for Special Applications; U. Pasaogullari.- Sorption and Diffusion Selectivity of Methanol/ Water mixtures in NAFION®; D.T. Hallinan Jr., Y. Elabd.- Kinetics and Kinetically Limited Performance in PEMFCs and DMFCs with State-of-the-Art Catalysts; H. Gasteiger et al.- Catalyst Degradation Mechanisms in PEM and Direct Methanol Fuel Cells; H. Gasteiger et al.- Principles of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells for Portable and Micro Power; C.-Y. Wang.- Computational Modeling of Two-Phase Transport in Portable and Micro Fuel Cells; C.-Y. Wang. Optimization of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Systems and Their Mode of Operation; S. Gottesfeld, C. Minas.- Development of A 5-W Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Stack for DMB Phone; Y.-C. Park et al.- Dynamic Characteristics of DMFC/Battery System for Notebook PC; Y.-R. Cho et al.- A Review on Miniaturization of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power Sources-I. State-of-the-art Systems; X. Zhou et al.- A Review on Miniaturization of SolidOxide Fuel Cell Power Sources-I. From System to Material; X. Zhou et al.- Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cells - From Materials to Systems; Y. Mizutani.- Mathematical Analysis of Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cells; A. Pramuanjaroenkij, S. Kakac, X. Zhou.- The Properties and Performance of Micro-Tubular (Less Than 1mm OD) Anode Supported SOFC for APU-Applications; N. Sammes et al.- Current State of R&D on Micro Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cells in Japan; Y. Mizutani.- Index.-
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