Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry 43

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This volume is meant as an introductory resource aimed at practitioners of electrochemistry research, technology and development mainly at the atomic, molecular or macromolecular levels. Emphasis is placed at length scales in the 1-100 nm range. The aim of the volume is to help provide understanding of electrochemical phenomena and materials at the nanoscale through modeling and numeric simulations. It is also designed to serve as a means to create and use structures.


Mathematical Modeling in Electrochemistry.- High Precision Atomic Theory: Tests of Fundamental Understanding.- Modeling of Impedance of Porous Electrodes.- Multiscale Mass Transport in Porous Silicon Gas Sensors.- Electrochemical Materials for PEM Fuel Cells: Insights from Physical Theory and Simulation.- Modeling of Catalyst Structure Degradation in PEM Fuel Cells.- Modeling Water Management in Polymer-Electrolyte Fuel Cells.- Adaptive Characterization and Modeling of Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications.


From the reviews:"The present book is devoted to numerical simulation and modeling within the large field of electrochemistry. It is divided in eight chapters. ... In conclusion it can be stated that the present book is surely worth of being incorporated in the library of scientists and engineers, working in the field of modeling electrochemical processes and systems." (T. Eichler, Materials and Corrosion, Vol. 62 (3), 2011)
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