Multi-Wafer Rotating MEMS Machines

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Oktober 2009



The collaboration and research that was developed to produce the MIT Gas Turbine Engine are described in this book. Both the engine and generator are fabricated from silicon using a combination of bulk and surface microfabrication technologies. The book discusses the technical details that have gone into producing the engine and the overall systems-level tradeoffs, in particular its motor compressors and turbine generators, and the decisions that have been made.


to PowerMEMS.- System Design Considerations and Device Overview.- Materials, Structures and Packaging.- Microengine Fabrication.- Fabrication of Microscale Rotating Magnetic Machines.- High-Speed Gas Bearings for Micro-Turbomachinery.- Thermofluidics and Turbomachinery.- Motors and Generators.- Microcombustors for Rotating Machinery.
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Untertitel: Turbines, Generators, and Engines. 'Microtechnology and MEMS'. Sprache: Englisch.
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