Gerontological Home Health Care

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Longer life expectancy, the aging baby boom population, and increasing numbers of older adults with chronic health conditions who want to remain at home are generating an urgent need for providers who possess specialized knowledge and skills in home health care. Answering the urgent call for a textbook that deals specifically with adults in this setting, Goldie Kadushin and Marcia Egan synthesize empirical research to extract practical applications for practice, emphasizing the "how to" of gerontological home health care by discussing the field's most relevant issues. The authors include chapters on home health care policies and funding, cultural and diversity issues, the contemporary challenges of the social work role in home health care, the development of a relationship, the client's role in helping with care, practice evaluation, and individual and social system assessment and intervention. They provide detailed case studies and directions for accessing rapid assessment instruments throughout the text. They also include programs, resources, and corresponding Web sites that link to appropriate services.


Goldie Kadushin and Marcia Egan


Essential CHOICE 6/1/09
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