Pair Correlations in Many-Fermion Systems

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At first glance, the articles in this book may appear to have nothing in common. They cover such seemingly disparate subjects as the properties of small metallic clusters and the behavior of superfluid He3, nuclear physics and organic materials, copper oxides and mag­ netic resonance. Why have they been brought together, particUlarly in our time of narrow spe­ cialization? In fact, the properties and effects described in this book touch upon one and the same fundamental phenomenon: pair correlation. Introduced in the theory of superconductivity by J. Bardeen, L. Cooper, and J. Schrieffer (BCS), this effect plays a key role in various Fermi systems. The book consists of several sections. The first chapter is concerned with conven­ tional and high Tc superconductors. The second chapter describes two relatively young fami­ lies of superconductors: organics and fullerenes. Chapter III addresses the superfluidity of 3 He . The discovery of this phenomenon in 1971 was a big event in physics and last year was acknowledged by a Nobel prize. This book contains the text of the Nobel lecture. Chapters IV and V are devoted to correlations in finite Fermi systems such as small metallic clusters, C 60 anions, and atomic nuclei. The book thus covers a broad range of problems, illuminating the close ties between various areas of physics.


Superconducting State in Conventional and High Tc Oxides: Foundations of Superconductivity and Extension to Less-Common Systems; L. Gor'kov. The Isotope Effect in Superconductors; A. Bill, et al. Hyperfine Interactions in Metals; W.D. Knight. Perovskite Oxides: A Rich and Fascinating Crystal Class Family; A. Bussmann-Holder. Organic Superconductivity. Fullerenes: Structure and Phase Diagram of Organic Superconductors; T. Ishiguro, H. Ito. Pairing and its mechanism in Organic Superconductors; T. Ishiguro. Superconductivity in Doped C60 Compounds; O. Gunnarsson, et al. On the Pair Correlations Between Electrosolitons; L. Brizhik, A. Eremko.. Superfluid He3: The Pomeranchuk Effect; R. Richardson. Pair Correlations in Superfluid Helium 3; D. Vollhardt. Finite Systems: Clusters:. Non-Adiabacity and Pairing in the Finite Systems; V.Z. Kresin. Fullerene Anions and Pairingi n Finite Systems; T. Jolicoeur. Quantized Electronic States in Metal Microclusters: Electronic Shells, Structural Effects, and Correlations; V.V. Kresin, W. Knight. Finite Systems. Nuclei: Role of Pairing Correlations in Cluster Decay Processes; D.S. Delion, et al. 3 Additional Chapters. Index.
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