Bioinorganic Vanadium Chemistry

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Juli 2008



Bioinorganic Vanadium Chemistry addresses the major aspects of vanadium chemistry related to living organisms and the mutual impact between biological and inorganic vanadium chemistry. A broad section is dedicated to implications for environmental and health aspects, and the potential use of vanadium compounds in therapy and diagnosis.


Preface. 1. Introduction and Background. 1.1. History. 1.2. Occurrence, Distribution and Impact. 2. Inorganic and Coordination Compounds of Vanadium. 2.1. Inorganic Aspects of the Function of Vanadium in Biological Systems. 2.2. Interaction of Aqueous Vanadate and Vanadyl with Biogenic Ligands. 2.3. Vanadium Coordination Compounds. 2.4. The Vanadium-Carbon Bond. 3. Physico-chemical Methods for the Characterisation of Native and Model Vanadium Compounds. 3.1. 51V NMR Spectroscopy. 3.2. NMR of Other Nuclei. 3.3. EPR Spectroscopy. 3.4. ESEEM and ENDOR Spectroscopies. 3.5. Optical Spectroscopies. 3.6. X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy. 4. Naturally Occurring Vanadium Compounds. 4.1 Vanadium in Ascidians and Polychaeta Worms. 4.2. Amavadin. 4.3. Vanadate-dependent Haloperoxidases. 4.4. Vanadium and the Nitrogen Cycle. 4.5. Vanadate as Energiser for Bacteria, and Vanadophores. 5. Inferences of Vanadium Compounds on Cellular Functions. 5.1. Medicinal Aspects of Vanadium. 5.2. Interaction of Vanadium with Proteins and Protein Substrates. 6. Epilogue. References. Index.
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