Using Insulin Pumps in Diabetes: A Guide for Nurses and Other Health Professionals

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April 2008



Insulin pump therapy is now a well-established option for treating diabetes. This method of insulin delivery offers the opportunity for people with diabetes to manage their diabetes confidently and competently to achieve good glycaemic control and a better quality of life. "Using Insulin Pumps in Diabetes" covers all aspects of insulin pump therapy in a clear and informative style, and is an essential guide for all health professionals involved in caring for people with diabetes using insulin pumps.
"Using Insulin Pumps in Diabetes" explores issues such as the advantages and disadvantages of insulin pump therapy; the experiences of insulin pump users, how to set up an insulin pump service, how to set and adjust insulin doses and optimising glycaemic control. It also includes chapters on insulin pumps in pregnancy, and in babies, toddlers and young children.


Foreword Preface Chapter 1: An introduction to insulin pump therapy Chapter 2: The advantages and disadvantages of insulin pump therapy Chapter 3: The experiences of insulin pump users Chapter 4: Insulin pumps and infusion sets Chapter 5: Setting up an insulin pump service Chapter 6: Assessing suitability to use an insulin pump Chapter 7: Matching insulin doses to carbohydrate intake Chapter 8: Using an empowerment approach to insulin pump therapy education Chapter 9: Initiating insulin pump therapy Chapter 10: Setting and adjusting insulin doses Chapter 11: Optimising glycaemic control Chapter 12: Day to day management of insulin pump therapy Chapter 13: Insulin pumps in babies, toddlers and young children Chapter 14: Insulin pumps in pregnancy Chapter 15: Situations requiring complex management Appendix: useful sources of information Glossary of terms Index


"The use of continuous insulin infusion pumps for the treatment of patients with diabetes of small children to adults is spreading rapidly. This is a practical guide for nurses and diabetes educators." (Pediatric Endocrinology Reviews, 1 December 2010) "This guide, aimed at nurses and other health professionals, will hopefully raise awareness of the need to better assess people with Type 1 diabetes, and to clearly determine who are those who would benefit from the use of an insulin pump." (Nurse Prescribing, August 2010)"This is a very informative book. It is clearly laid out and gives a comprehensive guide to using CSII in diabetes. This is a very useful and balanced introduction and support to anyone involved in the care of individuals with diabetes." (Journal of Community Nursing, February 2009)

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