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The Mirror Book tells you everything you need to know about Mirror sailing.

Packed with practical advice and illustrated with step-by-step photographs, this book teaches you how to sail the UK's most iconic and best-loved dinghy.Learn all the essentials, from sailing theory and rigging to faster upwind and downwind sailing. Peter Aitken, the UK National Mirror Coach, and Tim Davison, a successful racer,reveall the basics and show how to outsmart the opposition.

Whatever your standard and whether you sail for fun or race competitively, this is the only book you'll ever need to sail your Mirror and get the best out of it.


Part 1 Sailing the boat

1. Rigging a basic boat

2. Rigging a gaff-rigged boat

3. Rigging a Bermudian boat

4. Sailing theory

5. A first sail

6. Launching

7. Reaching

8. Beating

9. Tacking

10. Running

11. Gybing

12. Capsizing

13. Landing

Part 2 The spinnaker

14. Setting up the spinnaker gear

15. Hoisting the spinnaker

16. Trimming on a reach

17. Trimming on a run

18. Gybing with a self-launching pole

19. Lowering the spinnaker

Part 3: The elements of racing

Part 4 Masterclasses

* Mental and Physical Fitness
* Setting up the boat for racing
* Boatspeed
* Advanced boat handling
* Advanced crewing
* Race preparation
* Travelling to an event
* Strategy

Parents, coaches, be your own coach.


Peter Aitken is the UK National Mirror Coach and has seen plenty of his charges triumph on the world scene, most recently with a gold medal at the Mirror World Championships in South Africa.Tim Davison has been Laser (Masters) European Champion and National Champion. He has raced successfully in Laser National, European and World Championships and has twice won the Moth Nationals.


"...packed with practical information". Boat Mart September 2008 "the ultimate - and amazingly, the only - Mirror technique guide...covers every facet of the class..with step-by-step photography". Yachts & Yachting Friday 25 July 2008
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