Contested Individualization: Debates about Contemporary Personhood

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Januar 2008



Howard brings together top contributorsin avolume that provides a survey of new research and theoretical work on the topic of individualization. Topics covered include gender, social policy reform, and economy.


Putting Gender Back In: Individualization and Social Policy Reform; J.Brody Late Modernity, Individualization, and Identity Capital: A Synopsis of Findings; J.Côté The New Individualism: The Emotional Costs of Globalization; A.Elliott Individualization, Social Policy, and the Democratization of Personhood and Family Life; H.Ferguson Values, Role, and Character; P.Hoggett The Risk Society and Young People: Life at the Intersection of Risk, Economy, and Illiberal Governmentalities; P.Kelly Is Individualization Freeing, Redistributing Risk, or Changing Inequality Structures?: Five Key Debates in the Life Course Literature; M.Mills Sutured Selves, Queer Connections: Intimacy at the Cutting Edge of Individualization; S.Roseneil Individualization as a Scheme of Interpretation: Why Class (and) Inequalities Persist; H.Strasser Individualization: Forms, Trajectories, Genealogies; W.Walters Individualization and Personhood; A.Yeatman


COSMO HOWARD is Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Victoria, British Columbia, USA.


"This book addresses one of the most discussed topics in behavioral sciences since the early 1980s. The range of topics dealt with is impressive, and the author exhibits a creative linking of contemporary debates on individualization to the neo-liberal model of social governance, welfare state reform, and globalization." - Hermann Strasser, Professor of Sociology, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany "If one wants to analyze the present and the future of modernity one has to understand the process of 'institutionalized individualization' and its consequences, which means: no beds are left to re-embed. Individualization, therefore, undercuts and transforms basic institutions like family life, gender relations, social class, party systems, religion etc. This book is a must-read - it clarifies the concept of individualization and its operational meanings, it represents the controversies and, by all this, demonstrates the necessity to use the concept of individualization in order to understand the fundamental changes of our time." - Ulrich Beck, Professor for Sociology, University of Munich and London School of Economics and Political Sciences
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