Real Cookin' for Real People

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Februar 2008



Gathering recipes is as much fun as gathering friends and family. This gathering of recipes has been the best! Whether you want a quick evening meal or friends and family are coming for the week end, you have such a selection to choose from that you will want to keep this cook book close on hand. And the name of this cook book says it all. It really is "real" recipes that "real" people can make! There are over 500 recipes that are truly easy to do. Want some great salsa? Cinnamon rolls that never fail. The easiest standing rib roast you've ever made. And who doesn't love cheese cake? There are 6 different ones to choose from. How about crock pot chili? Soups and salads for any day. Several breakfast casseroles that make week end breakfasts easy. Take a look at these recipes and see how good and how easy they are to make!

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