iPod and iTunes Handbook

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April 2008



The iPod & iTunes Handbook also contains many tips and tricks, including how to transfer music, photos, videos, and audiobooks to your iPod and vice versa, how to make playlists, how to convert video for the iPod, how to integrate your car, how to burn a CD in iTunes, how to sync your tunes, how to add album art, how to use all the features of iTunes, how use your iPod as a hard drive, how to share your iTunes music, and much more. In addition, this book provides you with information on buying accessories and software for your iPod, such as cases, chargers, docking stations, portable speakers, earphones, cables, headsets, and car kits. Furthermore, you will discover the best places to buy accessories for your iPod and the Web sites that have the best pointers and free add-ons. Whether you have an iPod or are planning on buying one, whether you have no idea how to use your iPod or think you have mastered it all, you will learn all there is to know about iPods and iTunes.

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