The Splendour of Islamic Calligraphy

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November 1995



"A visually stunning study...these great illustrations will set a designer's heart on fire."--"Interior Design"
Islamic calligraphy traditionally took its inspiration from the Muslim belief in the divine origin of Arabic writing. In early Islam the use of Arabic writing is sacred, and official texts gave rise to a wonderful profusion of scripts and a calligraphic tradition that has flourished for over a thousand years--not only in manuscript decoration but also in architecture, ceramics, and painting.
This book provides a comprehensive survey of the subject from its earliest origins to the present day. It explains the geometrical and ornamental principles of calligraphy and examines the interdependence of script and page decoration. Finally, and perhaps most important, it contains outstanding examples of scripts--kufic, thuluth, naskhi, and maghribi--in a series of magnificent reproductions of manuscript pages, paintings, and other works of art. 232 illustrations, 98 in color.


Tracing the origins: legend and epigraphy; myths of origin; tawqaf and istillah; epigraphical confusions. The proportions of the line: the alif module; the geometric interplay; colour; miniature and arabesque; the pen. Schools and styles: typology; meaning and the written word; diacritical signs; kufic and naskhi; ibn Muqla; ibn al-Bawweb; calligraphy and history. Symbolism of the page: the spell of the face; jafr, or the science of letters; futuhat, or isolated letters; the bismillah; the margin; the signature. In the sight of Allah: a delicate vibration; ornamentation of buildings. The architectural context: landmarks; styles. Contemporary painting: zenderoudi; koraishi; boullata.
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Untertitel: 2 Rev ed. 232 illustrations, 98 in colour. Sprache: Englisch.
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