There's Two Sides to Every Story: Hear My Side

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Februar 2008



A autobiography of a young lady, Patricia Alonzo., who survives a difficult childhood. ''Two Sides to Every Story'' subtopic ''Hear my Side'' is saying to her readers, there's two sides to every story. Which there's many sides to this story, her twelve siblings also have their story to tell, not one will deny the fact that everything she shared in this book is the truth. Patricia, decided to share her side of the story. All her siblings support her and have encouraged her to write this book. In this book she shares her side of the story in her childhood which was carry over in both, her relationship with people and her marriage. After reading this book, one will see how one determination to not allow any obstacles including poverty, misfortune, and sickness did not inhibit her from reaching her goals and fulfilling her dreams.

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