Emergent Learning for Wisdom

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The new millennium presents us with unexpected events that challenge us to think and act in different ways. Meeting these challenges requires creation of knowledge and development of wisdom. This book draws together forty years of scholarship, practice and original research, to catalyze our expertise in learning about what we don't know.


A Twenty-first Century Learning Agenda: Challenges and Possibilities Learning in the Twenty-first Century: Embedded, Emergent, and Embodied Emergent Learning from an Inside-Out Perspective Converging Perspectives on Emergent Learning Leading Ourselves: Cultivating Personal Practices for Emergent Learning Global Imperatives, Emergent Learning, and Leadership


Marilyn M. Taylor


"Marilyn Taylor's "Emergent Learning for Wisdom "brings a new concept and a new language to the study of learning that is significant for all of us facing the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. 'Catalyzing the development of wisdom' is just one of the fascinating concepts she shares. And we respond to the challenge of "Our first task may be to make the extraordinary ordinary.'" -- Frances Hesselbein, President & CEO, Leader to Leader Institute, author of "Hesselbein on Leadership", and co-editor of "Leader of the Future 2: Visions, Strategies and Practices for a New Era""In "Emergent Learning for Wisdom"", "Marilyn Taylor outlines the 21st Century challenges brought on by exponential change and proceeds to offer solutions based on the new emergent science of learning that has replaced 20th Century behaviorism. She develops a model of the emergent learning process that incorporates and elaborates the new science, particularly the "inside-out" version of developmental theories of Bateson, Kegan, and Wilber and Experiential Learning Theory. The book outlines 12 practical learning practices that can guide us through the process of emergent learning. It is a great resource on the latest wisdom on learning and development." --David A. Kolb, Professor, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, and author of "Experiential Learning: Experience as a Source of Learning and Development " and the Kolb Learning Style Inventory"An erudite and important book for everyone who wants to learn how to successfully navigate the tsunami of technological and social evolution that is now upon us." --Richard Barrett, Chairman & Founder of the Barrett Values Centre, and author of "The New Leadership Paradigm, Liberating the Corporate Soul, "and "Building a Values-Driven Organization"
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