Troubled Identity and the Modern World

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The book maps what Leonidas Donskis terms 'the troubled identity', that is, the identity that constantly needs assurance and confirmation. Through an identity-building-and-shifting process, argues Donskis, we can move from political majority to cultural minority, or the other way around.


Preface Acknowledgments An Identity in Need of Assurance and Confirmation To Be or to Forget: Politics of Remembering vs. Politics of Forgetting Identity and the Emergence of Modern Sensibilities: Liberty, Tradition, Anger, and Incessant Change Us and Them: Nationalism and Patriotism Revisited Fear and Loathing in Liquid Modernity Forgetting the Ends and then Redoubling the Efforts: Fanaticism Nowhere at Home Making and Unmaking History: Identities in Ruins Works Cited Index


LEONIDAS DONSKIS serves as Professor and Dean of Vytautas Magnus University School of Political Science and Diplomacy in Kaunas, Lithuania. In addition, he acts as Docent of Social and Moral Philosophy at the University of Helsinki and also as Extraordinary Visiting Professor of Cultural Theory at Tallinn University, Estonia.


"This is a fascinating book by a fascinating man from a fascinating place."--"The Economist""Leonadis Donskis clearly has much to say of great interest to academics and advanced students from a crucial East/Central European standpoint."--Roland Robertson, University of Essex and University of Pittsburgh
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