Innovative Approaches to Global Sustainability

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Dezember 2008



A concrete, action-based look at the ways businesses can become sustainable as moving towards a sustainable world becomes more and more important.


I: EXPLORING POSSIBILITIES FOR CHANGE Introduction: Exploring New Frameworks, Practices, and Initiatives for a Sustainable World; J.A.F.Stoner  & C.Wankel "SOAR" from the Mediocrity of Status Quo to the Heights of Sustainable Development; J.M.Stavros  & J.R.Sprangel, Jr. PART
II: INNOVATIONS IN FINANCIAL THINKING AND ACTION - BEYOND THE PRIMACY OF TODAY'S STOCK PRICE Sustainable Wealth Creation beyond Shareholder Value; M.A.Lundqvist  & K.Williams Limits of Shareholder Value to Achieving Global Sustainability; F.Figge & T.Hahn Green Chemistry and EVA: A Framework for Incorporating Environmental Action into Financial Analysis; G.Archer, A.Larson, M.White,  & J.G.York PART
III: EXPLORING NEW MODELS FOR MOVING TOWARD A SUSTAINABLE WORLD Monkey See, Monkey Do: Resource Dependence. Knowldege Exchange, and Sustainable Innovations in Zoos; N.A.M.Horstman, F.G.A.de Bakker, E.Masurel,  & P.P.van Hemert Toward Environmental Sustainability: Developing Thinking and Acting Capacity within the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry; L.P.Milton  & J.A.F.Stoner PART
IV: SOWING THE SEEDS FOR A VIABLE FUTURE Designing Undergraduate Education on "Managing for Sustainability"; P.Shrivastava, D.E.Allen & T.Bunn Hiller The Sustainability Coordinator: A Structural Innovation for Managing Sustainability; G.Rands, B.Ribbens  & D.Connelly


Edited By Charles Wankel and James A.F. Stoner
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