Operations Management: An Integrated Approach

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April 2008



An introduction to operations management for undergraduate and graduate students in management and economics.


Part I. Operations within Organisations - Building Blocks: 1. What is operations management and why is it important? Prakash J. Singh; 2. Operating system models David Parker; 3. Key decisions in OM Willem Selen and Danny Samson; 4. Planning and controlling the use of operating assets and resources Sum Chee Chuong; Part II. Approaches to Understanding OM; 5. Strategic approach to operations management Senevi Kiridena and Prakash J. Singh; 6. Processes and systems in operations management Daniel Prajogo, Prakash J. Singh and Danny Samson; 7. Supply chain or network approach to operations management Richard Lane; Part III. Moving Forward with OM - Creating Competitive Advantage; 8. Innovation, technology and knowledge management Paul Hyland and Claudine Soosay; 9. Quality management in operations Lawrie Corbett; 10. Operations excellence Ross Chapman, Terry Sloan and Ron Beckett; Part IV. Challenges and Opportunities in Operations: 11. Managing risk in operations Damien Power and Danny Samson; 12. Sustainability in operations management Suzy Goldsmith and Danny Samson; 13. Operations management in different settings Victoria Hanna; Part V. Case Studies: 1. Innovation in the biotechnology sector: the case of IDT Australia John Morgan; 2. New Zealand King Salmon:value-chain innovation Jay Sankaran; 3. Pilila Clothing Company goes lean David Parker; 4. From Singapore to the world: port management in Singapore Sum Chee Chuong; 5. Striving for operations excellence within Queensland Rail Supply Division Kevin Burgess; 6. Should I stay or should I go? Shiraishi Garments Company Bin Jiang and Patrick J. Murphy; 7. Towards a green supply chain: Toyota Australia Dayna Simpson; 8. Process analyses and improvement at Bartter Enterprises Tom Bevington, Phillip Irvine and Danny Samson; 9. Operations challenges at Firth Industries Limited,Wellington Division Lawrie Corbett and D. Clay Whybark; 10. Ford Motor Company: moving forward in Australia Brett Allen; 11. Technology transfer at Hero Honda R. D. Pathak, Z. Husain, Sushil and Danny Samson; 12. Why is the patient resident time so long?: The case of St Martin's and Charity Private Hospital Victoria Hanna and Kannan Sethuraman; Index.


Danny Samson is a Professor of Management at the University of Melbourne. Prakash Singh is a Senior Lecturer of Management at the University of Melbourne.
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