Economics and Management of Education

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Februar 2008



In the knowledge society of the 21st century, general education, training, and further education have been recognized to be major determinants for the economic success of entire regions, countries, and continents. This special issue offers a line of contributions covering every step in an individual's educational career - from early childhood all the way up to adult further education and combines the variety of methods available in theoretical, empirical, and managerial economics.


Early Childhood Education and Care in Germany- Status Quo and Reform Proposals

The Economics of Tracking and Non-Tracking

How Equal Are Educational Opportunities? - Family Background and Student Achievement in Europe and the United States

Public Universities, Tuition and Competition

Young Researchers in the Field of Management - Assessing the Relation between the Work Environment for Creativity and Job Satisfaction, Self-Confidence, and Publication Productivity

Further Education - The Role of School Type

Works Councils and the Productivity Effects of Different Continuing Training Measures

Public Employment Services and Employers - How Important are Networks with Firms?


Dr. Oliver Fabel is Professor of Management Policy at the University of Konstanz.
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