The Call of the Writer's Craft: Writing and Selling the Book Within

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Juli 2009



Getting a book successfully published is as much about talent and creative drive as it is a matter of determination and business practice. Luckily for would-be authors, this book delivers the how-to on both the creativity and the business. Lecturer and writing retreat leader Tom Bird introduces authors to their Divine Author Within, and guides them through the process of listening to this inner muse. They will learn how to tap into their ?creative connected mind? and relax their ?logical critical mind? so they will be able to write the book they?ve always wanted to?in just two drafts! Once the book is complete, writers learn how to sell their book. Bird instructs his readers how to successfully navigate the publishing world so that they can make the right choices for their work.


Tom Bird is bestselling writer, PR genius, and writing guru whose unique writing method has earned accolades around the globe. Numerous periodicals have published work written by Tom, and featured articles about Tom. He has also appeared frequently on television and radio shows.
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