Pollock's Textbook of Cardiovascular Disease and Rehabilitation

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Mai 2008



Dedicated to Michael Pollack (1936-1998), a preeminent scientist in the field, and intended as an up-to-date reference to both scientific and clinical topics, this volume comprises 34 contributed chapters combining the expertise of physicians with that of specialists in exercise and behavioral science. Early chapters discuss the history of cardiovascular rehabilitation, the epidemiology of cardiovascular disease, exercise as medicine from antiquity to the present, risk factor intervention, and clinical practice guidelines. Following are chapters on pathophsiology, diagnosis, and medical management; lifestyle management; common comorbidities and complications; and rehabilitation. The four editors are affiliated, respectively, with the U. of South Carolina, Healthy Living & Exercise Medicine Associates, the U. of Buffalo, and William Beaumont Hospital.


Sample Chapters >Chapter 1. The History of Cardiovascular RehabilitationChapter 2. Epidemiology of Disease Chapter 3. Exercise as a Medicine Chapter 4. Multifactorial Risk Factor InterventionChapter 5. Clinical Practice Guidelines and Target Outcomes


J. Larry Durstine, PhD, is a distinguished professor and chair in the department of exercise science at the University of South Carolina at Columbia. He is also co-director of the university's preventive exercise programme.
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