Dominion of the Eye: Urbanism, Art, and Power in Early Modern Florence

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April 2008



A close analysis of the major squares of Florence.


Preface; Part I. History and Theory: 1. Florence brought to historical account; 2. Toward the Trecento Florentine piazza: problematics; Part II. From Theory to Practice: 3. The Piazza del Duomo; 4. The Piazza della Signoria; Part III. Framing Urbanistic Discourse: Space, Subject and Vision in Trecento Theory and the Arts: 5. Spatial theory; 6. The spatial order of Florentine streets, monumental architecture, and the new towns; 7. Trecento pictorial perspective reconsidered; 8. Perspective in Trecento sculpture and architectural detail; 9. The Trecento fusion of the arts; 10. The architecture of painting and the multimedia tableau; 11. The role of optical and surveying theory; Part IV. On The Politics of Urbanistic Order: 12. The political logic of demolition; 13. Spatial form and political authority; 14. The symbolic power of scopic order; 15. Florentine Trecento urbanism as institutional and ideological praxis II; 16. The Florentine urbanistic 'style' as bourgeois instrumentalism; 17. Resistance and Renaissance: an afterword.


Marvin Trachtenberg is Edith Kitzmiller Professor of the History of Fine Arts at the Institute of Fine Art, New York University. A recipient of fellowships from the Kress Foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Guggenheim Foundation, and Villa I Tatti, he is the author of The Campanile of Florence Cathedral,'Giotto's Tower', and coauthor of Architecture from Prehistory to Postmodernism.


"...essential for anyone specializing in any of the visual arts, including architecture and urbanism." Choice "This deeply revisionary study of urbanism, art, and power in early modern Florence is without question one of the most important works of architectural history to appear in many decades...Trachtenberg's exciting, highly suggestive synthesis forces us to see in new ways the profound tranformation of one of the great cities in modern Europe..." Virginia Quarterly "engaging, forcefully written, and highly polemical book...this elegantly argued, relentlessly single-minded, and extravagantly speculative book rewards the reader with a keen appreciation of the many dialectical nuances informing trecento Florrentine urban planning." Speculum
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