The Refugee in International Society: Between Sovereigns

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Examines the history of refugees in order to explore their place in international politics.


1. The refugee 'problem'; Part I. The Refugee: A Conceptual Analysis: 2. Who is (not) a refugee?; 3. The refugee and the international states system; 4. Sovereign rights, human rights and security; Part II. The Refugee: An Historical Analysis: 5. The inter-war perspective; 6. Refugees and international protection in the Cold War era; Part III. The Refugee: A Contemporary Analysis: 7. The external dimension of EU refugee policy; 8. The way ahead.


Emma Haddad is currently a Policy Advisor on the External Relations of Immigration and Asylum, DG Justice, Freedom and Security at the European Commission. She obtained her Ph.D. from the European Institute at the London School of Economics and Political Science, for which she was awarded the British International Studies Association prize for the best thesis in International Studies, 2004. Her research interests include the conceptualisation of the refugee figure in the modern international states system, the English School, and EU migration and asylum external policy, and her recent publications include contributions to Global Society, the International Journal of Human Rights and the Encyclopaedia of International Relations and Global Politics.


'By taking seriously the idea that the refugee is an inevitable yet unanticipated feature of international society, Haddad offers distinctive insights into the significance and intractability of forced migration across borders. This intelligent, important and innovative work deserves to be widely read.' Matthew J. Gibney, Reader in Politics and Forced Migration, University of Oxford 'The refugee column is a melancholy emblem of the age. At a time when passion runs far ahead of understanding we are all in need of a careful analysis of the issues involved. Emma Haddad's beautifully written and compassionate account admirably fills this gap in the literature.' James B. L. Mayall, Emeritus Fellow in International Relations, University of Cambridge
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