Fix-It and Don't Forget-It: A Cook's Journal

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Fix-It and Don't Forget-It: A Cook's Journal is one happy solution to three problems that every cook faces- Where is that recipe I want to make? What did I serve these guests the last time they were here? I don't have buttermilk in the fridge. What can I substitute? Fix-It and Don't Forget-It is divided into three handy sections to help you keep easy track of three things-your elusive recipes, your favorite menus, and your helpful tips. No more chasing through cookbooks, piles, and files to find your beloved recipes. Here is the place to record the names of your favorite recipes, and the cookbooks and pages where you can find them. Fearful that you'll duplicate the dishes you made the last time guests came to your table? Turn to "Good Times" where you can record what you served (and where those recipes are found), to whom, and on what date. You'll love this organized diary of the great meals you've made. Flip to "Tips to Remember" for a list of basic cooking hints and information. And there are lots of pages where you can add your own tips and important cooking know-how. Make it a kitchen companion for yourself-and a great gift for others!

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