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Although the requirements vary, all 50 states require Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) to be licensed-so regardless of where you are or where you want to work, if being an EMT-Basic is your goal you'll have to pass the licensing exam. This multi-part procedure requires written components as well as practical exams. Now completely updated and revised, this best-selling guide from LearningExpress offers you access to comprehensive review materials needed to ace the EMT-B exam. EMT-Basic, 4th Edition contains detailed information on the prerequisites, registration procedures, and a breakdown of each test section by question type and number of questions. To help you plan and practice efficiently, you also gain access to the proven LearningExpress Test Preparation System-a study plan designed by experts that you can customize to fit your schedule and needs. It offers invaluable advice on how to conquer test anxiety, manage your time, learn how to use the process of elimination, and how to guess effectively. Once you've devised a study plan, you'll proceed through the rest of the book, which includes four practice exams based on the official NREMT exams and the most recent DOT/NHTSA curriculum-PLUS a free online link to an additional test! EMT-Basic Exam, 4th Edition also includes a roundup of the most important EMT resources, including: A detailed list of professional EMT organizations and associations Educational and training resources Updated certification requirements for each state


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