Getting Lucky with Luciano

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Januar 2008



Responsible, workaholic bookstore owner, Kaylee Daniels is ready to add a little bit of spice to her life. She doesn't have a lot of spare time, but what better way to try and occupy her free time than with a no-strings-attached affair with hunky Italian restaurant owner, Luciano Valenti. The man has had her fires burning for the past six months. The only problem: she can't be around him without turning into a stammering klutz. How is she supposed to seduce a man she can't even hold a conversation with? Since the first Friday Kaylee Daniels walked into his restaurant she's had Luciano on edge. The foxy woman spilled more drinks than anyone he'd ever seen, but something about her got to him, bad. Luciano doesn't have time in his life for anything serious. He doesn't want anything serious, and Kaylee is definitely a relationship kind of girl. Or so he thought. . . What happens when two career minded people decide to spend a little more time on themselves and each other? They just might find themselves getting lucky along the way.

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