Anaiya Loves Daddy, Anaiya Loves Mommy

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April 2008



This book is dedicated to all the young children of divorced parents. Although, the marriage did not work, both parents love you very much and want the best for you. In, Anaiya Loves Daddy, Anaiya Loves Mommy, Joseph Abney has a conversation with his daughter about her feelings after the divorce. Joseph Abney finds himself struggling to discuss this difficult topic with a 4 year old in a way that will attempt to simplify a very difficult time in both of their lives. In a divorce, children are the real victims. Children are often used as a vehicle for retaliation and vindictiveness when a parent cant express their hurt and sorrow in any other way. This story is written from a fathers perspective in an attempt to let his daughter know that it is ok to love her daddy and her mommy.

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