Joint-Use Libraries: Libraries for the Future

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Juni 2008



Examines various aspects of joint use libraries, from the implications of government policy, to design and operational issues and evaluation. This book brings together case studies and good practice from around the world. It also covers both operational and strategic issues such as partnership working and learning in joint use libraries.


What are Joint Use Libraries?; Why Joint Use libraries? - local circumstances, financial imperatives and policy drivers; Partnerships for Joint Use - opportunities and obstacles; Designing a Joint Use library - size, layout/zoning, security, community involvement in design; Operational issues - library management and governance, staffing issues, stock management and services; Joint Use digital libraries; Learning in Joint Use libraries - lifelong learning, intergenerational projects, information literacy, literacy and reading; How good are joint use libraries? - library standards and evaluation, success factors; The future of joint use libraries.


Sarah McNicol is a research fellow at evidence base, a research and evaluation unit at the University of Central England, Birmingham, UK. She has worked at UCE since 2000 and during that time has been the lead researcher on numerous research and evaluation projects. She has published extensively in both the academic and professional press. As well as carrying out research into joint use libraries, she has established a 'community of practice' for those working in this area and, in 2006, edited a special edition of the journal Library Trends devoted to joint use libraries. In 2007, she is organizing an international conference to bring together researchers and practitioners in joint use libraries from around the world.


."..a well organized and useful work suitable for practitioners and students who want a clear and up-to-date introduction to joint-use libraries." -New Library World ."..a valuable book on a genuinely innovative and forward-looking type of library service. It is firmly recommended." -Library Review
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