In the Jaws of Leviathan

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Description This is a story with the characteristics of the writings of H.P Lovecraft, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Algernon Blackwood and all that spoke of a Parthenon of Gods -Creatures that existed in a time where that even wasn't in existence. This was I thought my crowning glory but there is many more stories yet to be written by me and that story was the best to envision the love I held to write timeless horror. So here it is. It is a story of the young sixteen year old Dave. And as the story opens he has just escaped the depths of Hades which dwelt underground in the realm of Cedar Peak. Or did he in his confusion? He comes into the belief he is having visions of his most powerful phobias. At that time we turn to Dave and his family and the upcoming festival or rite in Red River. It first tells of the Alveis family; Dave' Parents and siblings. And the journey to Red River converging between Mtn and sea; he even at the beginning of seeing this town and its boundaries is left feeling oppressed. Then as obvious signs of the town shut down to daylight, and his Aunt and Uncle who are his guardians on this visit are all away. He returns to the knoll where he first experienced the awing Oppression of this town. Its encircled by streams which are Red as blood encircling the town and run lazily through the green and lush countryside. When he returns to the town at sundown there is still no sign of life, but his relatives are at home. As the sun goes down the land goes dark except the full moon in the heavens, he is ushered out by his kin to the Elder Gods Festival. What he is about to see and experience this night will change his life forever more as the omens of evil become ever clearer by the minute. And he witnesses a plethora of ethereal sight and his extinction. What will happen as Dave fights in the very sight of evil so ancient it was before the planets came into existence? This power attempting to make Dave their sacrifice of ultimate patronage; what will happen you will see!!! About the Author Robert went to School in a rural town next To Langley on the outskirts of a suburb which was part of Vancouver. This outlying outskirt was called Surrey; the town in which Robert went to school and grew up was called Cloverdale. Robert his two Sisters and their Mother lived on a six acre hobby farm on 176 St. They lived in a meandering home large and although the opposite of foreboding; it was very homey and serene. The Enns children's Mother providing most for the children as they grew up into adults with backbreaking work and little pay. There Father constantly away from home working in the Bush in the growing logging Industry, and was seldom home and even more seldom to help out with the household needs.

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