Language Development and Individual Differences

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Januar 2008



This book will be of value to all those interested in language acquisition, whether linguists, psychologists, speech therapists of lecturers in nursery, infant and special education.


Part 1. Introductory Sections: 1. The auxiliary and the young language learner; 2. Rate of auxiliary verb learning in thirty-three children; Part II. Individual Differences and Auxiliary Verb Learning in Seven Children: 3. Research design; 4. Rate of development; 5. Indicators of analytic and piecemeal learning; 6. The complexity principle as an indicator of holistic learning; 7. Individual differences and the development of auxiliaries in tag questions; 8. The development of auxiliary DO; 9. The development of CAN; Part III: Environmental Influences and Individual Differences in Auxiliary Verb Learning: 10. Previous research; 11. Yes/No questions and rate of auxiliary learning for thirty-two children; 12. Conclusion; Notes; References; Index.


"For readers interested in auxiliary verb acquisition particularly, the book provides the most comprehensive and detailed account currently available...provides the researcher and student of language acquisition with a wealth of insightful comments on methodology and interpretation. It should also interest those who want to understand better the problems and complexities of providing adequate descriptions and explanations for young children's developing and variably displayed knowledge of language." Marilyn Shatz, Contemporary Psychology
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