Venezuela: A Petro-State Using Renewable Energies

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Mai 2008



In spite of the economic role of oil, Venezuela has started developing hydroelectricity since the 1950s. The adoption of this renewable energy source was part of a development policy to produce and manufacture industrial goods. At present, the country is trying to introduce additional renewable energy sources (RES) but still has to overcome a series of hurdles in order to deploy them. Unlike other developing countries, oil countries such as Venezuela do not lack financial means and sometimes show a tendency to solve problems by using money when other approaches couldbe more helpful. The main goal of this qualitative, comparative policy analysis then is to find out whether the availability of oil revenues restraints or favors the adoption of RES. Based on the rentier state theory, Germán Massabié examines the reasons why Petro states try to dispose of their natural wealth to take advantage of non-conventional energy sources. He analyses and interprets primary and secondary data collected in Germany and in Venezuela and draws on non-standardized interviews, informal conversations, and e-mail exchanges with Venezuelan experts, policy makers, and key actors. The study allows a look beyond laws, development programs, and official statements.


Rents and Petro states - Electric Power System: Its Drivers and Major Trends - Renewable Energy Sources - Promotion of RETs: Policies for Overcoming Barriers - Venezuela's Electric Power Sector: Institutional Framework - Venezuela's Electric Power System: Historical Evolution and Present Status - Renewable Energies in Venezuela


:Dr. Germßn MassabiÚ completed his doctoral studies under the supervision of PD Dr. Lutz Mez at the Freie Universitõt Berlin. He is a research assistant at the Research Center for Environmental Politics at the Otto-Suhr-Institute (FFU).
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