Domains and Lambda-calculi

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Graduate text on mathematical foundations of programming languages, and operational and denotational semantics.


Preface; Notation; 1. Continuity and computability; 2. Syntactic theory of lambda-calculus; 3. D models and intersection types; 4. Interpretation of lambda-calculi in CCC's; 5. CCC's of algebraic dcpo's; 6. The language PCF; 7. Domain equations; 8. Values and computations; 9. Powerdomains; 10. Stone duality; 11. Dependent and second order types; 12. Stability; 13. Towards linear logic; 14. Sequentiality; 15. Domains and realizability; 16. Functions and processes; Appendix 1: summary of recursion theory; Appendix 2: summary of category theory; References and bibliography; Index.


Review of the hardback: '... extremely useful as a reference for classical results and techniques in general domain theory, very balanced in the treatment of mathematical properties of domains and their operational motivations and applications, and always deep in the choice of topics and in unravelling the connections between them.' Felice Cardone, Science of Computer Programming Review of the hardback: 'This is an excellent, thorough monograph ... a rich and comprehensive source of information, it is very useful as a reference to classical results in domain theory and lambda calculus.' Paula G. Severi, Zentralblatt MATH
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