Categorical Perception: The Groundwork of Cognition

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Dezember 2007



From a focus on the most thoroughly investigated case of categorical perception - speech perception - the book proceeds to an integrative view of categorization in general.


List of contributors; Preface; Introduction: psychophysical and cognitive aspects of categorical perception: a critical overview S. Harnad; Part I. Psychophysical Foundations of Categorical Perception: 1. Categoric perception: some psychophysical models R. E. Pastore; 2. Beyond the categorical/continuous distinction: a psychophysical approach to processing modes N. A. MacMillan; Part II. Categorical Perception of Speech: 3. Phonetic category boundaries are flexible B. H. Repp and A. M. Liberman; 4. Auditory, articulatory, and learning explanations of categorical perception in speech S. Rosen and P. Howell; 5. On infant speech perception and the acquisition of language P. D. Eimas, J. L. Miller and P. W. Jusczyk; Part III. Models for Speech Categorical Perception: 6. Neural models of speech perception: a case history R. E. Remez; 7. On the categorization of speech sounds R. L. Diehl and K. R. Kluender; 8. Categorical partition: a fuzzy-logical model of categorization behaviour D. W. Massaro; Part IV. Categorical Perception in Other Modalities and Other Species: 9. Perceptual categories in vision and audition M. H. Bornstein; 10. Categorical perception of sound signals: facts and hypotheses from animal studies G. Ehret; 11. A naturalistic view of categorical perception C. T. Snowden; 12. The special-mechanisms debate in speech research: categorization tests on animals and infants P. K. Kuhl; 13. Brain mechanisms in categorical perception M. Wilson; Part V. Psychophysiological Indices of Categorical Perception: 14. Electrophysiological indices of categorical perception for speech D. L. Molfese; 15. Evoked potentials and color-defined categories D. Regan; Part VI. Higher-order Categories: 16. Categorization processes and categorical perception D. L. Medin and L. W. Barsalou; 17. Developmental changes in category structure F. C. Keil and M. H. Kelly; 18. Spatial categories: the perception and conceptualization of spatial relations E. Bialystok and D. R. Olson; Part VII. Cognitive Foundations: 19. Category induction and representation S. Harnad; Author index; Subject index.


"...thought provoking and broadly relevant across a spectrum of issues of concern to cognitive scientists." Contemporary Psychology "...provides a thorough survey of recent developments in the study of categorization and draws out some of the important consequences of this work to other studies of cognition." Philosophical Psychology
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