Sources of Dramatic Theory: Volume 1, Plato to Congreve

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Dezember 2007



This book makes available major theoretical writings on drama from the Greeks to the late seventeenth century for students of dramatic theory.


Acknowledgement; Note on the texts; 1. Introduction; 2. Plato: The Republic, III 3. Aristotle: The Poetics; 4. Horace: The Art of Poetry; 5. Donatus: On Comedy; 6. Francesco Robortello: Commentary on Aristotle's Poetics; 7. Julius Caesar Scaliger: Poetics; 8. Bartolome de Torres de Naharro: Introduction to Propalladia; 9. Antonfrancesco Grazzini: The Witch: introductory dialogue; 10. Giambattista Giraldi: Prologue to Altile On the Composition of Comedies and Tragedies; 11. Ludovico Castelvetro: On the Art of Poetry; 12. Richard Edwards: Prologue to Damon and Pythias; 13. Giambattista Guarini: The Compendium of Tragicomic Poetry; 14. Sforza Oddi: Prologue to The Prison of Love; 15. George Whetstone: Promos and Cassandra Epistle Dedicatory; 16. Angelo Ingegneri: On Mimetic Poetry 17. Lorenzo Giacomini: On Purgation in Tragedy 18. Sir Philip Sidney: The Defence of Poetry; 19. Lope de Vega Carpio: New Art of Making Comedies at the Present Time; 20. Ben Jonson: Timber, or Discoveries Induction to Every Man Out of his Humour Prologue to Every Man in His Humour The Magnetic Lady Chorus; 21. Thomas Heywood: The Author to his Book An Apology for Actors 22. Tirso de Molina: The Country Houses of Toledo; 23. On Le Cid: Observations on Le Cid The Opinion of the French Academy Concerning Le Cid; 24. Francois Hedelin, Abbe d'Aubignac: The Practical Art of the Theatre; 25. Pierre Corneille: On the Purpose and Parts of a Play On Verisimilitude and the Necessary On the Three Unities; 26. Charles de Saint-Evremond: On Ancient and Modern Tragedy; 27. Jean Racine: Notes to Aristotle's Poetics; Prefaces; 28. Thomas Rymer: The Tragedies of the Last Age A Short View of Tragedy; 29. John Dryden: An Essay of Dramatic Poesy; 30. William Congreve: On Humour in Comedy; Bibliography; Index.


"...Sidnell has drawn material together in an interesting and useful way." Douglas H. White, Letters In Canada
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