International Order and the Future of World Politics

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Distinguished scholars assess the emerging international order, examining leading theories, the major powers, and potential problems.


Introduction John A. Hall and T. V. Paul; Part I. Theories and Strategies: 1. A realist view: three images of the coming international order Michael Mastanduno; 2. A liberal view: preserving and expanding the liberal pacific union Michael Doyle; 3. Preconditions for prudence: a sociological synthesis of realism and liberalism John A. Hall and T. V. Paul; 4. An institutionalist view: international institutions and state strategies Lisa Martin; 5. Is the truth out there? Eight questions about international order Steve Smith; Part II. Contenders: Major Powers and International Order: 6. Liberal hegemony and the future of American postwar order G. John Ikenberry; 7. Russia: responses to relative decline Jack Snyder; 8. The European Union: economic giant, political dwarf Juan Diez Medrano; 9. Unsteady anticipation: reflections on the future of Japan's changing political economy T. J. Pempel; 10. Chinese perspectives on world order Steve Chan; 11. India as a limited challenger Baldev Raj Nayar; Part III. Challenges: 12. Has globalization ended the rise and rise of the nation-state Michael Mann; 13. Stateless nations and the emerging international order Hudson Meadwell; 14. The coming chaos? Armed conflict at the world's periphery K. J. Holsti; 15. Political religion in the twenty-first century Peter van der Veer; 16. Environmental security in the coming century Karen T. Litfin; 17. Demography, domestic conflict, and the international order Jack A. Goldstone; 18. Great equalizers of agents of chaos? Weapons of mass destruction and the emerging world order T. V. Paul; Part IV. Conclusions: 19. The state and the future of world politics John A. Hall and T. V. Paul.


"The arguments are compelling and the overall effect is impressive." Choice "...this ambitious volume provides an extensive, well organized sample of current thinking on international relations." Percival Bronson, Naval War College Review
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