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For more than 160 years, Moore College of Art & Design, the nationas first and only visual arts college for women, has led the way in educating women for careers in art and design. Moore began in 1848 as the Philadelphia School of Design for Women when philanthropist Sarah Peter founded the school to educate women in the design arts and provide opportunities for employment. The first students worked in the textile, wallpaper, and other factories of Philadelphiaas industrial boom. The schoolas influence on early-American art and design was realized by members of the Red Rose Girls and the Philadelphia Ten. Other Moore graduates include the first women to design a United States postage stamp, to master the art of mezzotype, to serve as art director of an American advertising agency, and to design fabric for an automobile interior. This innovation and influence continues today through Mooreas bachelor of fine arts degree for women, graduate and continuing education programs, and the Galleries at Moore.

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