Zend Framework in Action

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Zend Framework in Action is the first comprehensive developer's guide to the
Zend Framework, the highly popular web development framework for PHP
Zend Framework is like Ruby on Rails for PHP coders-an easy-to-use, opensource,
complete web framework for PHP 5. Zend Framework replaces
outdated tools and development practices with a sound, testable, maintainable
approach to PHP. Zend Framework captures high-use application features and
PHP best practices in reusable framework components for consistently high performance.
Zend Framework in Action takes the reader on a tour of the Zend Framework as
the reader builds a high quality, real-world, web application. Readers gain quick
access to the most common topics encountered in web application development-
all from the PHP developer's perspective. The authors are core contributors
to Zend Framework and share their keen insight into its inner workings.
Written for the millions of developers using PHP daily, this book truly shows
Zend Framework in Action.
. First comprehensive guide and tutorial on the Zend Framework
. Between 500,000 and 2 million coders do something in PHP daily and
the Zend Framework gives them to tools to develop professional, production-
ready modern web applications. Now they have a comprehensive
tutorial to follow
. Zend Framework has the backing of Zend Technologies, the driving force
behind the PHP programming language in which it is written.
. Readers build a high-quality, real-world web application.


Rob Allen is a full-time PHP developer and contributor to the Zend Framework, developing the Zend_Config component. He has also written a popular gettingstarted tutorial available from www.akrabat.com. Rob is the Technical Director of Big Room Internet. Nick Lo is a web designer, developer, partner, and general "wearer of many hats" with Ingredients, located in Byron Bay, Australia. He was an early participant in the Zend Framework community and has published several popular tutorials. Steven Brown is Head of Technology for New Beach Media where he oversees design, development, operations, and infrastructure. He specializes in critical thinking and analysis of mechanical and logical systems.
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