Women, Violence & Strategies for Action

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Januar 2000



A collection that gives important insight into the issues and questions that have become central to understandings of women, violence and resistance. It focuses on the connections between research and the development of strategies for change by providing examples of policy-relevant feminist research, rooted in both academe and activism.


Notes on contributors
Stalking and paedophilia
ironies and contradictions in the politics of naming and legal reform
Feminist strategy and tactics
influencing state provision of counselling for survivors
Virtual violence?
pornography and violence against women on the Internet
Prostitution, pornography and telephone boxes
Damaged children to throwaway women
from care to prostitution
Sexual violence and the school curriculum
Shifting the margins
Black feminist perspectives on discourses of mothers in child sexual abuse
Supping with the devil?
multi-agency initiatives on domestic violence
Caught in contradictions
conducting feminist action orientated research within an evaluated research programme
Domestic violence in China
Theorizing commonalities and difference
sexual violence, law and feminist activism in India and the UK


Jill Radford is Reader and Principal Lecturer in Criminology and Women's Studies at the University of Teesside. Melissa Friedberg is a lecturer in the department of Social Work at Brunel University. Lynne Harne is a researcher at the University of Bristol, in the School for Policy Studies and has taught Women's Studies at the University of Westminster. All three are active members of the BSA Women's Caucus, Violence Against Women Study Group.
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