Veterinary Epidemiology

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Veterinary Epidemiology Third Edition Michael Thrusfield This successful book, now in its third edition, continues to provide a comprehensive introduction to the role of epidemiology in veterinary medicine.


From the preface to the first edition; From the preface to the second edition; Preface to the third edition; The development of veterinary medicine; The scope of epidemiology; Causality; Describing disease occurrence; Determinants of disease; The transmission and maintenance of infection; The ecology of disease; Patterns of disease; The nature of data; Surveillance; Data collection and management; Presenting numerical data; Surveys; Demonstrating association; Observational studies; Clinical trials; Diagnostic testing; Comparative epidemiology; Modelling; The economics of disease; Health schemes; The control and eradication of disease; General reading; Appendices. Appendix I: Glossary of terms. Appendix II: Basic mathematical notation and terms. Appendix III: Some computer software. Appendix IV: Veterinary epidemiology on the Internet. Appendix V: Student's t-distribution. Appendix VI: Multipliers used in the construction of confidence intervals based on the Normal distribution, for selected levels of confidence. Appendix VII: Values of exact 95% confidence limits for proportions. Appendix VIII: Values from the Poisson distribution for calculating 90%, 95% and 99% confidence intervals for observed numbers from 0 to 100. Appendix IX: The Chi-squared distribution. Appendix X: Technique for selecting a simple random sample. Appendix XI: Sample sizes. Appendix XII: The probability of detecting a small number of cases in a population. Appendix XIII: The probability of failure to detect cases in a population. Appendix XIV: Sample sizes required for detecting disease with probability, pmin, and threshold number of positives (in brackets) (probability of incorrectly concluding that a healthy population is diseased [in square brackets]). Appendix XV: Probabilities associated with the upper tail of the Normal distribution. Appendix XVI: Lower- and upper-tail probabilities for WX, the Wilcoxon-Mann-. Whitney rank-sum statistic. Appendix XVII: Critical values of T+ for the Wilcoxon signed ranks test. Appendix XVIII: Values of K for calculating 95% confidence intervals for the difference. between population medians fore two independent samples. Appendix XIX: Values of K for calculating 95% confidence intervals for the difference between population medians fore two related samples. Appendix XX: Common logarithms (log10) of factorials of the integers 1-999. Appendix XXI: The correlation coefficient. Appendix XXII: Some veterinary observational studies. Appendix XXIII: The variance-ratio (F) distribution. References. Index


Mike Thrusfield is at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
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