Algebraic Geometry - Open Problems

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Juni 1983



On degeneration of projective curves.
Varietes rationnelles et unirationnelles.
Conic bundles on non-rational surfaces.
Moduli of surfaces of general type.
On a proof of Torelli's theorem.
Two examples of algebraic threefolds whose hyperplane sections are Enriques surfaces.
On the Brill-Noether theorem.
Properties of Arakelov's intersection product.
On nodal curves.
About the enumeration of contacts.
Un probleme du type Brill-Noether pour les fibres vectoriels.
On the construction of rational surfaces with assigned singularities.
Postulation des courbes gauches.
Projective geometry of elliptic curves.
Linkage of general curves of large degree.
Some problems and results on finite sets of points in ?n.
Homogeneous bundles in characteristic p.
The group of sections on a rational elliptic surface.
On the Kodaira dimension of the Siegel modular variety.
Generalized hilbert functions of Cohen-Macaulay varieties.
Some curves in ?3 are set-theoretic complete intersections.
Constructing enriques surfaces from quintics in P K 3 .
Prym surfaces and a Siegel modular threefold.
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