Construction Management Fundamentals

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Construction Management Fundamentals is intended as an introduction to both technical and business sides of construction, and is intended for use in an undergraduate Civil Engineering curriculum or for graduate courses in Construction Management. The text covers fundamentals of construction in a logical, simple, and concise format, and many examples reinforce construction and management concepts through applications, photographs, and illustrations derived from actual projects. Based upon professional practice, standard formats for analyzing common problems are presented and explained preparing students for fast-paced bid preparation.The second edition of Construction Management Fundamentals includes coverage of the Construction Specifications Institute's new MasterFormat 2004 edition, as well as a completely rewritten safety chapter incorporating the latest OSHA required safety practices and reporting practices. The book will help prepare the student who may take one or two courses in construction or the construction management professional.


<h3>Chapter 1 Historical Perspective<h2>Part 1 - Construction Management:<h3>Chapter 2 Overview of the Construction Industry <h3>Chapter 3 Construction Management Functions <h3>Chapter 4 Scheduling Techniques for Construction Projects <h3>Chapter 5 Construction Cost Estimates <h3>Chapter 6 Estimating Heavy/Civil Projects <h3>Chapter 7 Estimating Building Projects <h3>Chapter 8 Construction Contracts Administration <h3>Chapter 9 Construction Accounting<h2>Part 2 - Construction Practice:<h3>Chapter 10 Machine Power <h3>Chapter 11 Equipment Selection and Utilization <h3>Chapter 12 Equipment Cost <h3>Chapter 13 Building Materials <h3>Chapter 14 Building Construction Methods <h3>Chapter 15 Quality and Productivity <h3>Chapter 16 Safety <h3>Chapter 17 Trends <h3>Appendixes:<h4>Appendix AGlossary <h4>Appendix BSelected Unit Equivalents


Cliff Schexnayder (Tempe, AZ) Professor Del Webb School of Construction, Arizona State University. Dr. Mayo just left a teaching position in the School of Construction at ASU and now works in industry.
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