Management of Childhood Obesity

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Provides guidance to all healthcare professionals on helping overweight children and their families.


Foreword David W. Haslam; Preface; Acknowledgements; Glossary; 1. Introduction; 2. How fat is fat? Measuring and defining overweight and obesity; 3. Where should overweight/obese children be managed?; 4. How do we approach the overweight/obese child and family?; 5. The clinical assessment: what are the special points?; 6. What complications should we look for now and later?; 7. How does psychology influence management?; 8. Management: what do we mean by lifestyle changes?; 9. How can we reduce energy intakes?; 10. How can we increase energy expenditures?; 11. What else can be done?; 12. How can we sustain healthy weight management?; 13. What can we do to prevent childhood overweight and obesity?; References; Index.


Elizabeth Poskitt has over forty years' experience practising and teaching paediatric nutrition. She has managed clinics for obese children and co-founded the European Childhood Obesity Group. She was awarded the OBE in 1998. Laurel Edmunds has been working with obese children and their families for the past sixteen years. She was one of five specialist Advisors to the House of Commons Health Committee's enquiry into obesity and was a Co-opted Expert for the NICE guidelines. She is currently working as an independent researcher.
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