Dark Cloud

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Thomas Boyd is best known for "Through the Wheat," considered the greatest American novel of WW I. Boyd was a Marine, saw much fighting action, and was deeply influenced by his wartime experience. Later he wrote for newspapers, and while running a bookstore and writing the literary page of the St. Paul daily newspaper, was befriended by F. Scott Fitzgerald, who recommended him to Maxwell Perkins. Boyd published several books with Perkins, including "The Dark Cloud," originally published in 1924. It is the first of Boyd's several historical novels, telling the story of a British scout in Indian territory during the American Revolution. The "western" frontier of America was then Ohio. Boyd was fascinated by the moral issues facing everyday people in times of strife, and takes the reader directly into the daily lives of individuals trying to find their way. His strong feeling for the average person facing great challenges gives strength to the story and the characters who live it.

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