The One Minute Goddess

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There is a hidden goddess in every woman, yet far too many find themselves in a state of CONFUSION, FRUSTRATION and EXHAUSTION. In today's world, she has exchanged her natural feminine energy that inspires and nurtures herself and others, to unhealthy control and independence. In this groundbreaking book, you will learn how to reclaim your inner goddess and allow the men in your life to provide the safety and security you want. There are only two things a man really wants and they are not what you think. This book will teach you how to give them what they want; and in return, you will have your deepest desires met effortlessly and without compromise. The One Minute Goddess offers practical, useable, simple methods of communication that will amaze you in their effectiveness. Just applying the "seven-magic-words" formula can change every relationship you have. This nugget alone is worth its weight in gold! About the author There are some men who have a life mission, but there are few who make it, "to be in service to women." To the astonishment of women around the globe, there exists a man who does little else than create ways for women to have everything they want, including men that adore them. That man is Jean-Pierre LeBlanc. He specializes in success; personal success, successful relationships and successful businesses. He is a masterful alchemist who has turned his relationship, financial and health disasters into systems for extraordinary results. He now spends his time teaching others how to do the same. Experiencing the work of Jean-Pierre is transformational and life changing. He offers a roadmap and unparalleled support to a place he calls "enlightenedwealth.,."a place worth going. His work is pure genius.

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