Family Secrets: A Vengeance of Tears

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Februar 2008



Deception, passion, and love battle in a world where nothing is as it seems.
Disdained by her father and facing an arranged marriage, young Angela Rosarno yearns to be loved. She flees her home and travels to Sicily into the arms of Santino Camastro, a man she has come to love through his letters, though never met. Rushed into marriage, she learns-too late-that her husband is not the man who penned the letters. What follows is a tale of intrigue. Determined to discover the truth, Angela's actions set off a series of betrayals and murders. By the time she discovers that her husband's brother is the man she loves, she is hopelessly trapped in Santino's ruthless world of ambition and greed. When deception, passion, and a mother's love collide, will Angela have the strength to escape?

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