You Don't Have to Whisper...Love Loudly!

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You Don't Have to Whisper is my personal testimony. This is my journey. My son, Martin English, is gay. He has had the same partner since 1996. Not only is he gay he is HIV positive. As a parent it was most difficult for me to cope. I went from blaming others blaming myself. It was only by the grace of God that I learned that these were all tricks from the Satan himself, the master of deception. I can now live freely and move on with my life. I have escaped the bondage of negative thinking. I can move on with the aid of the Holy Spirit. I have learned to love my son regardless. The Lord says hate the sin not the sinner. While I do not condone his lifestyle; he is my son. I have learned to love him unabashedly. I pray as you read this book you will be encouraged, enlightened and redirected. Most importantly, I pray that through this book, my personal testimony, you will not only learn to love, but to do it at unspeakable volumes. Love and love loudly.You Don't Have to Whisper!

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