Silence Whispers

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The Muse has a great sense of humor. She had been speaking to me when I awoke in the morning, so I promised her that when I awoke with her words in my head, I would write them down. She began awaking me at two and three a.m. I kept my promise. The writings here are the result. She spoke to me of the story of "The Grand Empt" and his invitation to the great adventure, of stories from the "Bible," of unseen birds singing, and of the temptations of spiritual candy. She spoke to me of the "Voodoo Zombie World," of "Endarkenment," and of prayers to circumvent their effects. She gave me words of delight, like ""transuniversalphilosynthesis"" and ""spermeggo,"" She spoke to me of transformations of consciousness, of spiritual intelligence, of falling to pieces, and of the bone of karma. She spoke to me of naked water flowing, of the essence of healing, and of "Jonah and the Worm," The Muse kept her promise and I kept mine. The rest is up to you.

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